Our Concept
becomes your home

Your home is the most important place in your life!

About us

Your home is the most important place in your life. In your home you can switch off, recharge yourself, enjoy your family, meet up with friends or simply BE.
Especially in times of uncertainty and change, your home is the source of joy and well-being.

Our Concept is to create a home for you that fulfils everything you imagine.
Our Concept homes captivate with their exceptional design. Whether from the outside or the inside.

Well thought-out, functional and open room layout, bright, high rooms, large window fronts modern interior design make a house a home.

Our concept houses are built using the latest timber construction methods. Natural, renewable materials are the basis for a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

Our Concept will become your home.


Our Houses


“Concept Level”

Our “Concept Level” house is unique in its design.

Entrance area, living area, master suite and sleeping area are distributed over 4 half floors, resulting in a unique privacy for each area.

The “Concept Level” house is available in several sizes, with or without basement/garage.

Like the rest of the Concept family, “Concept Level” is constructed in timber and offers all the attributes of modern living.


“Concept Hill”

Embedded in the hilly landscape, the “Concept Hill” becomes a very special home. The design is modern yet timeless. The open living feeling is accentuated once again in “Concept Hill”. A seamless transition from the interior to the endless terraces over all floors gives the feeling of endless space.

“Concept Hill” is also designed in various sizes and, like the entire Concept family, offers the ambience of a modern wooden house.


“Concept Village”

“Concept Village” is designed in a country house style, but without missing the unique attributes of the Concept family.

Current project


Le Sasselt est

In Lignières, in the canton of Neuchâtel, 10 minutes from Neuchâtel, 15 minutes from Biel and 40 minutes from Bern, 5 detached single-family houses are being built as part of an overall development.

The LE SASSELT EST neighbourhood was developed by the municipality of Lignieres as part of a residential neighbourhood extension.

In the first step, the 5 plots no. 948, 949, 950, 951 and 952 will be built on. The houses have a unique unobstructed view of the entire Plâteau de Diesse and are sunny all day. The location of Lignieres is very family-friendly. The village has a good school infrastructure, shopping facilities and is well connected to public transport by Post bus.